Smooth water departure this morning. A quick sort of kit and we were off. The weather was going to be nuts in the afternoon so we tried to push on and get some miles in. The coast here isn’t as nice in the fog as the Sound Of Sleat and we were waved at by Duncan girlfriend at one point. The waters were calm and we passed a military observation point between the main land and the island of Rona. The wind was slowly picking up and pushing us along past loch Torridon the wind was creating waves and it was great to take the Taran and paddle a little harder and get forced along on virtually every wave. Making quick time across the Loch mouth. The other guts were left behind and I waited on several occasions.
As we rounded Red Point Nick and I both came to the same thought. “It’s not very red is it?” We then came to the same thought “that’s why it’s called red point” the sand had a define red colour to it. The wind was definitely going to be a problem in the evening if it was going to pick up more. I spotted an Otter swimming towards us and it dissapeared. 
The further we went the more calm the water and wind and we landed in the harbour of Badachro the tide was low and we had a bit of a carry out. The wifi of a pub called. Jenni, Duncans girlfriend ferried us all to Gairloch campsite and we pitched up and went on a wifi hunt.


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