Wow is all I can say. Some times a paddle like this needs more than a fleeting pass and the Summer Isles is definitely somewhere that would be nice to come back and paddle again.
We left Mellon Udrigle with the tide low and it’s so good to have a bigger team to do a 4 person lift.
Leaving the stinky sand beach we paddled inside of Priest Island as we wanted to get the most of the view. As we approached Priest Island a massive ferry came along, much to the fear of Duncan. We put out a securite but they didn’t reply. There was a wave from the bridge so it must of been ok.
The islands were beautiful and we weaved in between some of them, checking out a couple of Seals as we slipped past.
We paddled inside of Ristol island and landed and went for food at the campsite bar.
We left and headed towards a safe landing point at Achmelvich, a safe sandy cove with maximum shelter and a great place to stay for easy access to landing and launching.


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