We left Badachro late as we were aiming for the tide to be right and not too vicious off Rubha Reigh we were hoping the wind would be ok as it was blowing a bit so the chop across Loch Gairloch wasn’t that bad and we stopped for a pee break.
Paddling up to Rubha Reigh was nice and the rocks and clapotice gave us some fun. The race off the headland was great and pulled us along with big bumpy waves and the occasional breaker making me smile with the Taran, its bullet like nose and body never letting me down, its become a great trusty, comfortable, reliable friend. There was a short paddle across Loch Ewe and turned north east.
We pulled round Greenstone point looking for somewhere to land. The swell was a little too much to put in at Opinan and we paddled further round through some rocks and landed on a sandy beach, stinky with rotten seaweed. There was a flat area covered in short grass for us to put up the tent.  There was a campsite nearby so we poached some water for our bags and had a lovely sleep.


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