Today was an amazing day for me in many ways.
We started easily and paddled into a day of excitement, beauty and feelings almost emotional.
The water was doing its race thing. The wave cycle turning over and over each time moving along giving us some excitement and as we paddled through.
The Cluas Deas lighthouse was a big awakening point for me. The sea had suddenly become an Ocean the waves were so much more powerful than we had been in for ages. The water was or felt clearer, stronger. The waves breaking over rocks look brighter. Back in the Atlantic Ocean. This was the north and the cosy feel I have on the Atlantic down south was gone. Big smile for me.
Further round and the Old Man Of Stoer was there. I like stacks and this formation didn’t fail to bring my thoughts to how it was still standing and that it looks like a face. Like some stone deity guarding the sea from the land and the land from the sea. Big smile again. A shame to leave the giant but we pressed on.
Landing at Oldany Island we had lunch of soup, nuts, cheese and oatcakes. Then moved out with an open plan for the next crossing. Eddrachillis Bay has some islands and we had intended to paddle between some more islands but the wind was too good and we went straight towards Scourie Bay. We landed on a small rocky beach with direct access to the campsite. Great place to launch and the hot showers are hot.


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