Armadale Bay

Wow what a day full of different sea states and amazing small islands.
We left Armadale fairly late to catch the tide along Whiten Head the sea was a bit rough with swell and clapotice. This was a total contrast to yesterday.
Pulling in to a rocky landing for a break I found some antlers on the high tide line 5 and a 6 pointer. I thought about sticking them on the boat and taking them home but the thought of a cowboy rescue with those things in the wrong place made me decline.
Then we were off again across the Kyle of Tongue and on to Eilean Nan Ron the water state a complete contrast to the earlier bumpy ride.
wow the caves here and the gullies, it was like a lost world and thoroughly worth the diversion and time. There was a small lamb that had fallen down the cliff, it was stuck on a beach. We thought about catching it and getting it back onto the grass but it would of been quite and effort. Pretty dangerous too, if the lamb decided to go mad whilst being transported things could of gone wrong. With the island left behind and more thoughts about the hardy folk who would of lived on there entered my mind.
The sea again changed as we left the shelter of the island and the bronco riding commenced. The view of Strathy point and the rough ish sea giving me an idea of what to expect tomorow. Pulling round and into the bay the water calmed and we made a nice landing on the rocky beach. There was obvious signs of a fisherman’s work beach with a zip line set up to haul the catch up. Quite amazing but none of us tried it.


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