Another contrasting day.
The biggest near accident for me today. A bongo slide over a big rock.
We started out from the pier with a long look at Noss Head the wind was in our face and chop Was beginning to rear. We cut in a little to avoid the fetch. This was a wise move but what ever way we were going to go it wasn’t going to be easy. We took shelter and had a feed on a small beach before heading into the wind and tide. 1.75 on springs and we were just coming up to. What a long day. Occasionally popping in to check out an interesting feature. One such feature blew me away with its grace. A big stack with a collapsed roof the size of a reasonable church. Unbelievable. The feeling of lost world’s.  Again more birds swimming, bobbing around with a mouth full of sand eels, I tried to fit in by hanging some chewing gum out my mouth but it didn’t work, maybe I need a different colour outfit or need to be a bird. Either way I can’t change those.
I had just tried to sneak up to a Seal and I had paddled on a little. There were a couple of boomers not too far out and no sign of kelp where I was paddling and suddenly a wave broke right next to me, I thought, ok this was going to go under me, but it actually threw me in a bongo slide, low bracing I remember pushing down hard thinking either the paddle would connect or the rock will tear out chunks of the boat, is the rudder going to snap, will I play rolly-polie, smashy facey and grazy handies? No way!!! Fortunately nothing happened except heart palpitations and a couple of “extreme sports that’s where it’s at”.

Our intention was to get to Dunbeath but that wasn’t going to happen. The early morning had taken us something close to 6 hours to do 18km. Not a record. Pretty bad though.
We had another stop in a small cove with an old fishermans house. Beautiful spot.
We then paddled on to Lybster where Katie had a box of food. I phoned a friend who had come up to see me. All the way from Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset border. That’s a serious friend and it was really good to see him he brought cake and Somerset cider. That a dude.
Katie was off talking with the box lady and Boyde my friend turned up and took Nick, Duncan and I into Wick for a meal. Thanks again Boyde. The meal was amazing.
We returned to find out we had a room to stay in at Wanda (box ladies) house. Hospitality Yay. A late night was had where we sampled the cider and cake.


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