Today was a day of new experiences. There were so many Guillemots a double archway and I was assaulted by a badly flying Guillemot.
There was headwind today but nothing on the day before. We started weaving in and out, hugging the coast and creeping along. We managed to get on ok. It was much less windy than the previous day.
We passed by Dunbeath and I was reminded of an old memory from visiting the Orkney Islands, before the overpass the cafe in the harbour would be visited. The best bacon butties and breakfasts were had there and it became an annual stop.
The next piece of coast was amazing. There were so many Guillemots, lined up like spectators at an arena or a race. At one point while cutting in close a bunch of birds jumped down. One fell into my arm, bounced off and then dived into the water. That was funny but I felt sorry for the bird. I guess maybe he will think next time instead of follow the crowd.
There was a massive arch with a smaller one inside it. How could we resist. The sediment line made it look and feel like we were actually paddling down hill. Freaky. The high steep cliffs dominates the approach and exit and I was overwhelmed with the birds stood on every available space this was the most amount of flying wildlife so far. The stink was something else too.
We landed at Berriedale for lunch and walked up the beach to a bench and had the usual. Hot chocolate and oatcakes with cheese. Two people approached and we began chatting. Apparently the guys had stopped here too. Small world.
The next bit was virtually right into the wind. Having little shelter we picked our path through rocks carefully avoiding anything under the surface.
Landing at Helmsdale harbour we used the slipway to get out. There was a suspicious amount of flattened grass and I could swear that it was Duncans tent imprint. We landed and had some food and put up the tent.


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