After a massive pizza the night before it wasn’t easy to get up but we managed to get on the water at a reasonable hour.
The morning was so calm I could resist and opened up and paddled like a dog, (ok not the perfect analogy for paddling) it’s great when I find water like that and can just go for it. I don’t think katie was amused as it was difficult for her to keep up. There was virtually no wind and it was great to be able to just get in the rhythm. We landed at Buckie for a spot to eat and as we pulled into the harbour the lifeboat was on its way to a shout. I later found out a fishing boat had caught it’s propellor and sank. Strange as it was such a calm day.
The port had some old buildings and the rust on some of the ship builder yards looked seriously dodgy. We left again  paddling round some beautiful rocks and bays. The amount of though time I’ve spent on wondering what was there and if it would be worth coming back to visit. But, oh well I haven’t got all day. Sometime I didn’t quite look till I’ve passed and felt a little shame of not seeing it. We paddled past Bow Fiddle Rock and I saw some photographers. I hope I didn’t make a yellow streak if they were trying for a long exposure photo.
The rock formations are amazing and we paddled on to a quaint village Portsoy. Beautiful and really soft sand, a bit too soft and it filled up my trainers as the sole is coming off.
Off again we couldn’t decide where to stay would it be Banff or Macduff? We decided to try Banff. The boats were pulled up on the harbour and we went to score some wifi. While we were in a nice chilled out pub the sky erupted and it rained, the worst I had experienced in a while but this was Scotland. So after 10 minutes it stopped. Katie wasn’t taking any risks and had aquired a bin bag and left wearing the height of tramp fashion, the bin bag coat. We went back to the harbour and put up the tent on some flat concrete next to the harbour masters office. I was hoping it would be a good night but the wind picked up and a flagpole began making pinging twanging noises nearly all night. Aghhhh.


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