Not a big paddle today as there were things that only civilisation can give.
We left through surf and some annoying wind that kept blowing the boat while launching. I pushed Katie out and then tried to get on myself. My paddle almost got away while I tried to get the deck on and in the end after getting smacked in the face by the paddle I got angry and used that to sort myself out and launch. Not the easiest as the deck decided it didn’t like being on and half came off with the pressure of surf and swamped the cockpit and half filled the boat. I thought I was going over but the amazing Taran didn’t let me down, the secondary stability kicked in and with a bracing support stroke I didn’t end up in the drink. This could of been bad as my wrist gasket hadn’t taken and was actually in my pocket. I could of had a dry suit full of cold north sea and a dented pride. Fortune favored me this morning I guess. Woopee.
I managed to catch up with Katie only to be told that a big set had just come in. Thanks I hadn’t noticed. Hahaha.
Past Rattray lighthouse with the wind actually on our tail so we had some fun catching waves. I always wonder if it’s worth the effort on an expedition, is the extra effort worth it over a long distance? The short burst to catch a wave and be sent speedily on without paddling. Is it the same or more energy exertion as to paddle the same pace?
I passed a sleeping seal. So close I could of patted it on the head, the noise of the rudder flick started it after we had passed. That was funny. But I did feel slightly guilty as it looked so comfortable.
There were massive boats in Peterhead harbour looming over the top or the harbour wall and so many seals out on rocks at the headland. They were like big grey sausages with flippers and fins.
We pulled up in the marina and there wasn’t any harbour master. Well with that we used the facilities and I scrounged a perfect bottle to reapply the gasket. Let’s hope it fits. The harbour master eventually turned up and we were relieved to be let the use of the laundry room floor and facilities. Our laundry was done and some food shopping. Hopefully past Aberdeen tomorrow.


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