Strathbeg Bay

A boat wreck and some amazing Gannets.
We were awoken by a rather grumpy old rotund fellow. This set the mood for let’s get out of here. Quickly making breakfast and wraps and shuffling the boats down to the water we departed if that guy was an ambassador for Banff I’m not going back. We paddled out and across the bay. Troup Head was amazing. The Gannets looked like some Aboriginal art work. Their massive bodies on the cliff like spots. As we got closer they started to fly off and it was like a scene from a weird horror film. like mini dinosaurs in a land that time forgot scene. This was the most amount of Gannets I had seen. They look like they are smiling when they look down.
We paddled towards Pennan Bay and we’re met by the Deveron kayak club and had a chit chat with them before we pulled in to Pennan for wraps fruit and tea. The obligatory photo of the phone box from a film that was filmed there. We met some ladies and had a chat. Then we were off. The ladies sent us a picture a couple of days later.
We paddled past a small bay and some youngen was fartassing about in a boat with some girls. He was actually being slightly reckless and making himself look a bit of a dick, apparently “look at those twat! There not going anywhere!” Ohh such is the naivety of youth.
On to Fraserburgh, we intended to stop but it looked like a bit of an effort to go into the harbour so we had a quick snack and we’re off on round 3. As we looked across the bay there was a big old “thing” we wondered what it was.
Turns out it was a wreck I wanted to land on it but it was getting late and we needed to get on.
We were Rounding the corner now. So more south appears on the compass. We entered a lovely sandy bay and paddled to the middle of it near a lake  overlooked by an oil works. I could smell the stuff in the air. It had been so long. I could feel civilisation creeping back and it felt strange after being away from it all of it.


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