Leaving Peterhead we had had our faith in harbour masters restored only to have it smashed down when we arrived  at Aberdeen.
The luxury of a quick departure, clean clothes and a fixed day suit wrist was a good feeling. I had fixed the wrist with a bottle that fit the wrist perfect, hopefully no more wet arm and the horrible feeling of cold water down my side when I lifted my arm.
The day was nice to begin with rocks and cliffs for company. The birds still a fond wonderment. Their antics never fail to amuse.
We landed at Cruden bay for a quick grab of lunch and left quickly. A beautiful castle was passed at one point. Bringing back the usual memories and thoughts of hardship.
The last part of the day was a bit of a slog with a long distance across a bay. The supply ships for the rigs were lined up out of the harbour. Looking like small toys on a carpet. The large end making them look too front heavy like they would tip over nose first and sink.
As we approached Aberdeen a flock of ducks took off and started circling us. Like a scene from a horror film. It was quite amusing though, their little wings making a squeaky noise.
We contacted the harbour on VHF and we’re told we would not be allowed in the harbour. What an ass. Well we passed into the mouth and landed on a small sandy beach.
I got chatting to some locals walking their border terriers. There was another guy in Nigg bay actually rowing around the uk. Good luck to him.
Katie went into town to source some hot chocolate powder and I found enough twigs to have a fire. Ahhh the fire therapy.  Someone had put a shout on Facebook and we were met by a guy who chatted and took photos. It was good to have a chat, I found out about oil wars. We pitched next to the boats and had a good ol sleep.


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