Milton Ness

We departed Aberdeen harbour mouth after a chat with a man and his dogs as we paddled round we tried to see the rower but he had already gone. The water was a little lumpier around the headland and brought back memories of the day we got to Thurso. But the race didn’t last too long and soon we were paddling in to stay in the eddies, looking at the lobster markers and following the line best for us. The tide here isn’t that bad but as we now have better weather we try and push on so any help is good.
The weather wasn’t the finest and we pulled into Stonehaven for lunch. Katie shouted me beans and chips and as we chatted to the guy in the shop he gave us a small shot bottle of whisky each. Yay for whisky. We found some shelter outside the health centre and there were some amazing things for kids to play on and some static music making items that I couldn’t resist having a play with. As we started to pack the boats we met the same guy who we had met in the morning, was he following us? Back on the water we were paddling through beautiful cliffs well maybe alongside them. Katie and I had started a game where we tried to make up names of singers using sea birds, Gannet Jackson and bri-tern-y spears to name some of them.
Katies mum had phoned ahead and found us a campsite. Yay. So we paddled on without stopping. The thought of a shower is a good inventive. We landed at high tide and we’re given money for the shower and the campsite had some great facilities.


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