Today was meant to be a long day, but like all good plans it doesn’t always happen.
It was good not to put the tent up again, although I like sleeping out feeling nature, it can become a slight faff putting it up or down.
The sea was so calm this morning as we made our way out of the harbour. Our intention today was to get some miles in and cross St Andrews Bay then cross the Firth of Forth to North Berwick.
The start of the paddle was great and we made good progress till the wind and mist reared it’s ugly side and made paddling all that distant a no go. We paddled strait across the bay and landed in a quiet sandy bay with a falling down house and had a quick lunch. Trying to stay warm we decided it would be better to get back on and change the plan as time wasn’t going to be on our side and visibility had dropped too.
The new plan was to paddle round Fife Ness and have a look. There was a couple of plans and as the Isle of May was barely visible we decided to paddle into Anstruther, Katie had got her mum on the case and she had phoned the RNLI station and they said they would help us out if they could.
Paddling the last bit I found a fish box floating and decided to pick it up. What an effort and the second day I had picked up some rubbish on the water.
As we landed we were greeted by a fine chap and we’re helped with our boats, the banter was flowing about being on the slipway without any PPE, I chuckled to myself. “You guys”.
Well I am really grateful and we were allowed to sleep on the floor and dry out our kit. Brilliant generosity and grateful am I.
Thanks guys.


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