Just a short paddle today as we needed to set ourselves up for a long crossing.
The morning was spent charging equipment and watching morning tv. Oh I can feel civilisation creeping back, peeling off my skin and starting to try and infect me with its ways.
We had made a slight mistake in our landing and had a horrible carry out over rocks and seaweed. Eventually we got our Things together and had started paddling. The water was lovely and calm and it was actually starting to feel warmer, the breeze was warm with a scent of grass, there were fields that had been cut for silage and this was the first time for a while I had actually seen fields worked like this. It was nice to see but the mixed emotion of loosing the feel of the wilds and now it was happening.
There was some amazing rock structures and the harbour kept fleeing and was always around the next headland. I found a large cardboard box floating full of paint chippings and plastic so I picked it up and spent an arduous hour paddling with it balanced on my deck. This made it awkward but not impossible to paddle.
The town appeared and I could see colourful houses. We landed beside the RNLI launch and got the boats up.
After a scout around and a chat Katie had secured us a room at the harbour fishermen’s place. Shower, kitchen and a dry floor. Bonus. We walked into town to Asda, the walk to the supermarket was weird. A dual carriageway in a big town. The first big road I had seen for a while. We feasted well that night on yellow tickets.


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