Berwick upon Tweed

Berwick upon tweed. The first place we landed in England. It would be nice to be stoked about being here but frankly Scotland snd Whales really are something else in comparison.
We left St Abbs after a good night’s sleep, someone ftom the dive centre had even brought out a cup of tea. Yay.
It was a short paddle to Eyemouth, had we realised it was that close I think we would of carried on. We pulled the boats up the slipway after meeting the friendly seals. We later found out it wasn’t because of us being in kayaks but the seals are actually fed. Someone has a fish stall and for a price you can entice and tease the seals with fish clipped onto a line and rod.
Searching for some food we got the usual staples, I got a bargain of Cerial at Asda and got cream to finish the packet off and some salad.
Back on the water we were lucky to have some beautiful sun, lovely plain flat water too. There were cliffs nothing like Saint Abbs Head but some nice geology. The pier wall appeared and suddenly the wind picked up something awful. Noooo what was this Scotland, you rained when we arrived and now you want to blow us back? Ok well we paddled into the harbour Katie was struggling in the wind and got the boats on the south side of the 3 bridges. There is a youth hostel and Katie went there. I stayed with the boats.
It was Sunday and there were drunken antics, shrieking and general loudness till past 1.30am. Welcome back, thanks England, after being in the wilds for ages it would now appear we are back in uncivilised land, to follow that I stepped in some dog shite. Waaaaa, come back Scotland. Ok I’m paddling away but shall return


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