St Abbs

Today I learned that I have been stalked on the Internet and was asked if we were the kayakers paddling around the Uk.
Well we left a little late. Ok we haven’t been doing this too much but it has become a little too regular for my honest liking.
The morning was spent getting photos of the lifeboat crew and us together then we parted company and paddled to bass rock. This was more like it. Beautiful smooth water and we picked our way through the lobster pot indicators like slalom style, only not as fast.
There was quite a bit of traffic in and out and I hopes we would get to the rock without incident. As we closed in on Bass Rock the Gannets were flying round looking spectacular with their displays and amazing diving skills. Wow it was great, some were flying round with seaweed in their mouths. Wow and why? It looked so funny and when they look down they look like they are smiling.
We paddled towards Dunbar, a confusing harbour entrance and watched various boats dissappear behind a rock, I guess it must be there. We paddled in, dominated by a castle ruins. Landing at the slipway and pulling our boats up we went to have our wraps.
A guy approached me and asked if we were the guys paddling round England. Small world. He had found out from the Internet. Wahoo we are famous or something.
We left with high hopes of getting to Eyemouth and pressed on. We padded the chimneys we had seen from Bass Rock and before we got to the power station we saw some other kayakers. Making a Bee line to them I noticed a Taran and a ski. Hahaha first for a while. It was the Turnbulls. We had a quick chat and departed. Our aim was Saint Abbs Head. The paddle turned into a little bit of a slog as the wind kept changing but it was worth it. It would of been nice to of paddled around and explored but the mission was still on.
We paddled round into The small harbour. There was the lifeboat station that was controversially shut down.
This was our last night in Scotland and we wanted a pub. A quick chat at the dive school and we were informed no pub. One kind chat donated some cans and we pitched the tent and had our last meal in Scotland.


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