Beadnell. Well a bit of a slog today and we met up with Roz one of katies friends and Ollie Jay a friend of Roz.
Another late start but we still made some good progress to Beadnell.
We snaked our way out of Berwick as the tide was low and we had a little carry out for the boats over the river mud and seaweed.
As we left the sun was warm and applications of sun lotion was applied. This was nice we had a small headwind but nothing like the day before and had soon made it to the lime kilns of Holy Island. The seals are so friendly and inquisitive it’s great and a nice suprise to be followed closely. I made a lovely meal of freeze dried be well expedition foods I’m a vegitarian so I put extra peanuts and peanut butter with coconut oil and dried fruit and sometimes some extra sauce but I’ve run out. This makes the meal a bit more special but they are good enough on their own.
There was a school outing going on and a bus load of kids ran around screaming and getting excited. Whoa this was a little new again. As with the wilds there is a certain serenity that can only be obtained from peace and this was far from it. There were the usual cliques milling round and it brought me back to my school days.
We departed swiftly and paddled towards Bamburgh Castle with the Farne Islands out to our left, looking like a big ship.
Pretty soon we saw a familiar sight of a lone paddler. Could this be Roz? Katie started paddling harder, what a suprise why can’t she paddle like that normal. Hahaha.
Roz is a lovely lady and pretty soon the both of them were chatting like gulls so I paddled off and waited for them near Beadnell Point.
We landed at the beach and the rigmole of wheeling the boats and looking for a nice place to camp began.
On the way up I got speaking to a guy who runs Dusk till Dawn Entertainments. Nice guy and he had apparently swam to the Farne Islands. He was once a teacher and packed it all in and now runs a business and is never happier. Well done to him. He later turned up with 2 cans of Stella for us.
With Roz Katie had given a box and it was a feast. Wow Roz had also made a cake and some fresh foods. Wow a big feast was started then Ollie turned up and gave brought us more beer and an Éclair to share. What an evening.


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