We left Beadnell after the usual faff from the car park it was quite a peacefull mornings paddle past the castle ruins. The sun was hot and I wore a slop of sun lotion. Croquet Island appeared in the distance. Like a mole on the flat horizon.  As we sighted Amble pier the wind picked up There was a horrible headwind and this destroyed my desire to get a good distance in. There was some strange piled rocks which looked like water ski jumps. I don’t think they were and the stench of bird poop coming off them made me think otherwise.
We turned into the harbour and paddled up to the sailing club having a mini battle to get the boats out through the mud. We put the boats up and we’re greeted by a fisherman who then proceed to arange someone from the RNLI to meet us and let us in the station. That was really nice of him, it was a bit of a shuffle as someone else had started to get us somewhere to sleep but as we were doing this for the RNLI we thought it’s good to check them all out.
What a good night sleep we had and feasted easily on our meals.


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