Not a good day and the weather wasn’t with us at all.
The morning went well and we were off in some relatively easy water, although it was a bit of a sloppy struggle to get the boats down to the water.
Leaving the harbour we passed the RNLI station that had put us up. Thanks guys. We paddled across Druridge bay the rock has changed again to much lower cliffs and crumbly looking rock.
Again the weather wasn’t being our friend and we were forcing ourselves to get to Blyth, there were windmills in the sea and the one on the pier was working. The wind was hampering our progress then thunder started.  This wasn’t a good thing but it was a surf landing or paddle on. The lightning was going off and hitting tall objects and striking quite close to us I could see that katie was pretty scared by the tears on her face. I could feel the static build up and the top of my head was tinhling and so were my fingertips. We got closer to the pier and I saw a bolt hit the water so we changed our course and went in for a surf landing. I went in first to find the best place to land and was hit by a big wave, the Taran again “struck the pose” and stayed bombproof letting the waves go under in a bongo slide. Thank yay for that. I landed got out as quick as possible and showed katie where to land. She landed like a pro choosing the right set and came in on the back of a small one. Phew. We then pulled the boats up and found somewhere comfortable to sit in the lowest safest place possible. When the rain stopped we got the tent up and had food and spoke to some locals.
What a day.


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