Well after a night on the concrete outside the RNLI station and a nice chat to a guy cleaning the beack with the tractor we discovered there was a kayak shopnin town. Oh well. Sorry. So we got on the water as early as possible and decided to paddle as far as reasonable. Leaving the small harbour we were met with glassy smooth water and we’re soon singing “lime and the coconut” and “on the road again”.
We passed Tynemouth harbour and spotted the strange rock formations and paddled past the interesting old lighthouse. We got to the point and pulled in to look at the arch and low and behold Owain Harris turned up and must of caught the sight of katies bum while she was relieving herself and I was checking the map.
Some embarrassment ensued and we all started chatting. It was nice to mee someone who had been following us. Not literally only our blogs. So he paddled with us till we passed Sunderland and he went in for a job interview.
We carried on across the bay to Seaham and stopped for lunch. We got back on the water and our intended destination this day was actually Saltburn-by-the-Sea but nothing ever goes that well. We chose a place to land by the old pier and paddled towards it. Then to our dismay we noticed some little shits had set fire to the grass on the dunes. We landed and I phoned the Fire brigade and they sent some guys and a lady out to beat the fire out. I popped over and had a little chat. This was a usual thing to happen in the summer. Oh well. I started the trip by refloating a big jellyfish, saved an old man who had fallen over, freed a poor lamb and now stopped a fire. Hopefull nothing worse will happen.
The sea went from a relative calm to a rough windy chop.and we both had a hard time launching. Aghhhh.  We paddled through the old pier and rounded the harbour wall. Not amused…
We paddled through some horrible chop and landed on a little slipway next to the RNLI station.
There were two guys walking some spaniels and they had a RNLI crew sticker on the vehicle. We got chatting and then phoned the mechanic. Someone turned up with a key and we had somewhere safe to sleep and store the boats. Yay for the RNLI. I didn’t see juliet bravo either.


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