After chatting with the RNLI guys in the station we had a mini photo shoot and paddled off. The wind has been crappy and again we are found tucking ourselves in and staying close to avoid the wind.
Paddling out or the extra long harbour we paddled out around some crumbly old cliffs and landed on some rocks at Robin Hood’s bay and ate some lunch. Making a phone call to Karitec to order some keel strip. The boat is wearing down from launching last and landing first so hopefully the keel strip will help. We left paddling into wind our progress has been a pain. Where we should be making 30+ miles but the wind is playing ass and hampering us totaly. As we rounded a headland we could hear the howl of a Seal colony, I like joining in, I’m not sure we understand each other but it’s funny.
We landed at Scarborough and had the obligatory icecream, mine was a synthetic coloured and tasting Mr Whippy, katie went for the more traditional scoop.
While sat on a bench a tarty woman came up and asked me what I was. I replied “I’m a tree surgeon” she asked me what that was. People ehh. Then I was asked if I was a fisherman no I replied, her friends called her back,  much to my relief and she looked at me and said “hey I saw you though didn’t i” my thought was, “I should hope so, I’m wearing a bright yellow dry suit, how could you not”? Thankfully she left and we went back to our boats and paddled under the shelter of the cliffs. The seals were out in full force and would play hide till peek. They follow really close and when I turn around they dive under. Silly things but beautiful.  There were Puffins too. The first I had seen in a while it’s good to see them. We landed at filey and we’re a lowed to stay at the RNLI station. Yay. Kit dried and quiet sleep. Yay.


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