Leaving hartlepool in the morning we met some of the RNLI guys and we’re helped with our boats down the slipway and we left with a tailwind that didn’t last long.
We decided to paddle outside the wind farm and paddle across the Tees. There was no traffic whatsoever so we decided to cross without radioing in.
Soon enough the wind picked up and we We’re looking at the spinning windmills. They are massive impressive modern alternative energy resourses and although not always that carbon clean I’m impressed whenever I see them and wouldn’t mind them near me.
The blades make a slight swoosh noise but are still impressive.
We decided to paddle and land at Saltburn-by-the-Sea for a spot of lunch. Walking out on the pier wraps with salad, cheese, dried fruit and peanuts were made yum.
We had a chat to the lifeguard and paddled on around hunt cliff, the impressive sight of a village was there sheltered behind a breakwater. Onwards for our next meal instead of landing at Runswick we landed at Port Mulgrave a beautiful place where fishermen had made some ram shackle dwelling type shed, so jelous ad they looked amazing.
The wind had played a big part in hampering us. There was a short 5 miles and we landed in the massive long harbour. The boats and colours of Whitby were overwhelming from the dull drab colours that we had become accustomed to. We pulled up into the slipway near the RNLI station and got chatting to the rowing club. They had been at a regatta so were in a  celebrating mood. We were let into the boat storage and allowed to have a shower and we’re also given some food. We put the tent up at the RNLI station and had a loud noisy night trying to get to sleep.


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