I left the lifeboat station saying goodbye and having a bit of a joke with the two crew who had come down.
We left from the same slipway we had landed on and paddled out to catch the wind to pull us along. Staying under the shelter of the cliff we were soon moving at a good pace. Suprisingly there were some seals bobbing about. Just before the turning point of the headland the get out point looked like a no no. The swell was making it look like it would be a little too much to dare landing with full boats.
The headland actually wasn’t that bad and had a little chop and tide but the awesomeness of the Taran pushed through with no problems. Although this was a little rough and bumpy it felt good to put the boat through this. There were birds flying round and the occasional Puffin, this would be a lovely place to have a little play and was the firs chalk cliff that we had been past so to me it felt like I was actually getting somewhere in relation to geology. The white rock layered like lego with corners poking out. There were some small arched that would be nice to go through and even a stack. This felt good and reminded me of my trips to Dorset, giving me a kick to my speed.
We rounded the choppy headland into some easy calm water with no problems we landed for a pee break and I discovered a small bird. Wahey the only bird I will get on this trip. 😉 . Wishing I could do something for it or take it somewhere was again a no it wasn’t the most friendly and probably thought it was going to be lunch. I put it back where I found it and we carried on.
Tucking in again we could see Bridlington and when the wind was right we made a bee line to it. There was the usual traffic but this was humorously special. The pirate ship with passengers came out as well as a speed boat the speed boat was just a 10 minute trip and we were aware of its direction and how much of a threat it potentially was.
We landed in the harbour and walked up some steps. Sourced some food and Katie bought dome fudge. She devoured that in moments and soon we were launching through the harbour mud.
Back on the water katie soon revealed she had eaten too much fudge and was feeling a little sick.  Hahaha.
Paddling now through brown water. This looked like river silt but was just from the erosion. There wasn’t much to sea but the sky was nice and the rolingn waves turned my mind to caution. Shit how was this going to be landing. Instead of continuing on till late it was best to land at Hornsea.  The surf was manageable and we landed. Got the boats up and had found somewhere to stay. The health centre were great and let us put up the tent in their garden and have free showers. I needed that and it was good to feel clean.


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