Humber RNLI station

We managed to get on the water in some tiny surf, be that as it may katie still managed to lose her map case and drink bottle. We carried on and on and on. The cliff,  well the waters edge is mainly of clay and soil so the water is such a chocolaty brown colour it’s ridiculous. There was some supprising swell and this made it a no no for landing anywhere. There are now wind farm galore and also gas pipeline stations. There was a police 4×4 patrolling and where ever I paddled it seemed to be there. We’re they following me? No but I’m sure they could have something better to do.
There wasn’t anywhere to stop along the way and we feasted on wraps left over from the stir fry and cheese. Spurn Head was getting closer and the waves had changed direction. It was possible to land on a beach. We contacted the RNLI and they actually came out with their 4×4 and picked us and boats up.
The Humber crew are actually 24 hours and


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