Brancaster golf course

After the night before performance. We actually had a good day.
Leaving the shite hole caravan park that I saw called Ingoldmells I was delighted to get away and passing over the wash would be a great achievement as it’s been a bit of an accomplishment step. The sea was relatively calm as we departed and As we neared Gibraltar point we took a bearing and paddled out, we could see the other side and the water was breaking over the sand bars. The seals were resting on a dry patch looking like blocks of wool making the familiar sounds. There was minimal traffic and it was only a short crossing so no need to contact any via VHF.
At our first landing point we contacted Frank Harradence who had been nicely stalking us via Facebook.  Although some people condone the use of Facebook I find it a great way to communicate with people and have people find us.
So we phoned him and aranged to meet him he had tried to get us a campsite but that would mean we would paddle extra. Anyway we met up with Frank and his lovely wife Sally. Amazingly they picked up our boats and took us to a lovely pub and brought us food and drink. Wow I’m so grateful for that as I was a little peeved from the night before and that cheered me up no end. Thank you Frank. It was great to hear how he was relatively new to kayaking but had taken it all in and was getting into Greenland stick rolling so already a purist and he liked motorbikes which is always cool.
So after feeding and watering us we were dropped back to the golf club beach and We packed up. There was a guy with his grand kids and we got chatting. He was an old climber and caver and was reminiscing on his younger days and thought how amazing our trip was its nice to meet the adventurous sort.


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