I woke early and watched the calm water and the sun start to rise, Skegness was far enough away from me now and after the night befores meal and entertaining conversations.
Eventually getting on the water I still had some pent up frustration from Skegness and I was paddling hard.
Sorry I had left Katie miles behind while I just switch off and play the paddle pace tune in my head. I’m not sure if anyone else gets one. It has no tune to me just the soft speedy repetition.
I stopped on a sand bar accompanied by seals and Katie paddled past. We were intending to go to Wells-next-the-sea but the tide was out so we landed on the outermost of the sand and had the usual cheesy wraps and paddled off again.
The coast here is quite boring compared to any of the other stuff I had been to on this trip. Sorry if it offends any locals but it’s just low muddy banks with the occasional sandy beach and some houses. So basically we paddled hard to Cromer this day. Landing we made it to the RNLI station on the pier where we met some of the staff. We were a lowed to stay the night and I went to the shop. It was an amazing night and felt like something from a Scooby Doo cartoon except there wasn’t a baddie.
The next morning the mechanic let us have a look around the boat. The boat a Tamar is amazing and just brought back a childish excitment. Looking at the massive engines and the whole boat just looked top notch amazing carbon fiber pieces made it look even better.
I had had some stuff delivered to the station and now had enough evening meals from be well expedition foods to last to the end. I’ve chosen these because I am familiar with them they taste great and have loads of calories. Also they have a good choice of vegatarian which I am. I had also had some keel easy strip delivered as I’m past touching cloth on my stern.


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