Today was a beautiful day marred with an assault on me at by what I can describe as caravan town trash.
Leaving the comforts of a bed and being fed was a little annoying the guys at Humber lifeboat station are great and many thanks to them 6 hours is their usual shout time. Good on you lads.
We had contacted the VTS Humber and we’re given an all clear to cross the shipping channel, there was some pipeline working going on and also surveying so it was relatively busy on the South side and we were asked over a megaphone to stay away from a vessel. What do they think we were doing we were quite far from it and a surveyor vessel was also talking to VTS about us. Yay famous for a short moment in time. Glad they were aware.
We passed these speedily despite being against the tide and we’re soon at Donna Nook range. There were so many seals led on the sand and soon we were being surrounded by the inquisitive creatures.
Katie had arranged to meet some friends who were bringing lunch. We met them near Saltfleet, the river entrance was hidden by the tide and only the marker buoys gave us an indication of where they were. What a lunch they had brought quiche, olives, rolls and some cheese all finished with strawberries and blueberries they even saw us off by having a swim in the river. Thanks to them. It was the best lunch so far and well worth the extra time off the water.
Back on the water we paddled on full of great food and wondering where we were going to land. We paddled to Ingoldmells, gaad what a shit hole.  Caravan s/city. It was slightly dissapointing as soon as we landed some little knob was like “why art you back on the water?” I was trying to avoid confrontation and decided against “isn’t this past your bed time” as a reply.
We got the boats up and placed the tent in between them both ate and went to sleep.
“Look look, it’s some canoes” oh no here we go. I replied with a usual “what do you want? Fuck off”  then the tent was loudly smacked or kicked. Bastards I got out to confront the idiots who were walking away. I asked “what was that for? What was the point in that?” And one pumped up little kid turned to me and said whilst walking to me “are you stepping to me” I replied “you are walking to me” gaad what a dumb shit. He then started to punch me. These were tiny little punches, just swings from a baby really, I could tell he really was trying and nothing was happening it was starting to get annoying. What am I supposed to do now? There were 4 others. I could probably take them all on but kids carry knives and would they come back later with more people or just vandalise the boats and tent. I just grabbed the guys jumper and asked “what is your fucking problem, fuck off” I shook him about a bit and his limp floppy arms wobbled. By then one of his mates turned up and started to try and punch me around the head. What the fuck? More little baby punches. Is this really happening. I was actually getting annoyed now and slightly angry. “Nooooo,  I don’t want to hulk out”   3 other people turn up and get between the mess of this 2 on 1 and stop it. Bastards. They took pumped up twat away and 2 were left with me. Should I take out these two and take the rest out? Now just leaving them be was really what I should be doing so I did. Aghhhh why me? Katie phoned the police and they turned up eventually. They did exactly what I thought they would, bugger all and gave all the usual excuses and left. What a night. I couldn’t sleep very well that night and took ages in finding a toilet in the morning.


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