The morning was filled with looking at the beautiful boat in the RNLI station and fixing my boat.
I went early to the inshore boat station where the boats were stored and cleaned off the boat where the cloth was showing. I have been having to land first and launch last and it has taken its toll. I applied the Keeleasy tape and applied heat to make sure that it attached itself and did a satisfactory job and followed the youtube film about it. So onwards. I was now feeling a little happier with the thought of food and that the boat being fixed I was a little happier although still a little niggled about the altercation at Ingoldmells.
Setting off we were met by a RNLI guy and had a bit of a chat about things and shared some stories. Good morning all in all.
Ahh the wonders of Keeleasy were smashed into “well, that was bollex and a waste of money” the stuff came off on the first landing. Shitey poop. Oh well, better land a little safer.
We landed at Happisburgh and found the chip shop shut and the shop didn’t have salad, quite trivial but seriously important to us.
Like I previously said the scenery is pretty bland when your close in as the mud cliffs cover what thwre is to see. The sea is a chocolate brown colour and had been for a couple of days which gives it the feel of paddling on a gigantic river. Those feelings are quickly dashed when you get a mouthful of water.
We paddled on with the cloud cover it had the feeling of being early but late and we soon had a small family to chat to. I had been enjoying watching the children doing cartwheels. After a quick chat we were soon eating our meal and listening to the radio.


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