The most obnoxious harbour master was the first person to annoy me. Why?
I had just been for a long walk to the toilets and then took the tent down. While packing everything away we wee rudely met by the harbour master, demanding money to use the slip way. What? The slipway was shite, there were no conveniences at all. It was all muddy and slippery. We hold him what we were doing and he gave us a load of small man syndrome talk. Manners cost nothing. They did that day as I was not going to pay him.
Well that was an annoying moment but soon replaced with the smooth feeling of paddling.
There was a power station in the distance and paddling towards it it had the funny look like a mosque. Not seen many of them on the paddle.
We had phoned the RNLI station at Aldeburgh and landed outside the station. We were greeted by Steve who invited us in and gave us tea and information. Sounds like a spy thriller. “Give me you tea and your tiday information” would sound better if Arnie said it.
Back on we were met with some serious wind and tide so decided to stop on a shingle beach called Orford beach. We had a little walk around the disused military buildings and a guy in a landrover turned up. Apparently there was loads of unexploded ordinance here. Woopse. The buildings were where they used to test the rockets that would deliver nuclear warheads. So dropped off with a walk along the beach it was clear and hot. I’m getting such a tan now. Back on the water there were 2 river mouths to cross. We were reliably informed that there would be chop. Indeed there was. Closer in, where the water was shallow and calm there was various kite surfers doing their thang.
Felixstowe was there. Bright and busy.
We found somewhere to land and got the boats up to a small garden walk place and Had a good chat wit a local called wardy. Katie had managed to get some random luck and went for a shower. Another day done.


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