Herne Bay.

We had a quick look at the charts the night before. Using a compass and some kitchen utensils we found the bearing to cross the Thames estuary. This would be the longest one for a while and the last all dayer. Leaving and paddling to the pier we took our bearing. The wind was to our side but wasn’t being too bad and we carried on into the blue. Our first bouy was the correct one so after that it was fairly easy and with the use of the chart we new where we were through all of the crossing. Knock John Tower looked like a UFO in the distance, as we paddled closer it grew legs. l could now see the Shivering Sands Towers  Something I had wanted to see for a while and the way the tide was going it took us closer to them. A fishing boat was coming towsrds us so we stopped, they asked us if we were ok and we replied yes. Before ee had a chance to ask a question it went off. Then a great big ship on its way out passed really close and the water it was pushing aside look huge. Our next obstacle was the wind farm. We paddled through without any problems.  These things are massive apparently someone had been stealing copper from them so they were now guarded. “Sea pikeys”. Now through every big hazard of the day picking our landing. We had been in contact with the legendary Harry Whelan and he was going to pick us up and feed, water (alcohol) and put us up for the night. What a nice guy. We landed and unpacked and we’re taken to Harrys house. He is a fountain of knowledge, great stories and character which is always good and on a long paddle like this a breath of fresh air.


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