Harry and his wife Espie are great hosts and it was good to have some humor and alcohol. We were soon down at the beach and with two fingered waves from Harry we were off. Using the last of the tide to pull us around the headland past Margate and the other various seaside resort towns. He mornings paddle had started great with some fun lovely tail wind but as soon as we rounded the headland the wind picked up and soon it was becoming a slog battle into the winds.
We needed to get a chart of the next section so went to Ramsgate. There was a jobsworth giving us grief because we didn’t radio in saying it’s a working harbour blah blah blah, there were various rib boats going round so it looked like they were really paying him attention. Landing on the slipway Katie went into town to go find the chandlers.
I had found a new friend, some year 9 kid who seemed to have questions for everything. Katie returned and we found out the chandlers was closed. This was Sunday and there was a carnival going on. Noooo, we dried off out kit in the sun and ate lunch.
Back on the water we left late ish but the wind had died down enough but it was still a struggle.
Out across the bay and finding some sanctuary from the wind we made good progress to Deal.
When we landed there was some loud drunken sounds coming from the rowing club.  A quick conversation with the chairman and we had found a secure place for the boats and were invited in. They had had a couple of regattas over the weekend and had done really well.
We were writing up our blogs with the Internet and then a speachless was made we were included. Yay fame.
The drunken activities continued and we actual were invited to drink from the cup. I don’t know what it was but it was awful. At chuck out time there was plenty of chucking up from the youths and we played dodge the sick whilst leaving. The tent was put up on the concrete path at the top of the beach and I noticed I could see the light pollution of France. Wow what a feeling. This was definitely another step on the circumnavigation.


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