More headwind today. Leaving Deal a little later than desired because of shopping for a map, phoning the Dover harbour our plans.
The water at Deal was calm and the swell was minimal as we were out of the wind but the views were hampered by mist so no view of France. A short paddle round the headland gave us an awful headwind and the usual battle commenced.
At last the white cliffs of Dover appeared, no blue sky but it was there. We paddled towards the harbour. The VHF was cackling with traffic. I radioed in when I was a mile from the entrance and was asked to paddle to the harbour mouth. There was a ferry arriving and we were told to follow the sailing boat to the harbour. We tied the boat up to a pontoon and spoke to the harbour masters. We went and brought the elusive chart and returned to the RNLI station. The guys seemed friendly enough and we checked the weather.  Noooo a force 6 to 7 was expected. We decided to stay. The facilities were good and I had a quick walk around.
We moved the boats at one point and we met a lovely couple who own an old lifeboat from Weymouth. Local ish to me. Well we explained what we were doing and they said we could sleep in the front of their boat. Wow what an invite. We spent the evening chatting and laughing.  It was great to sleep in a lifeboat.


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