Today i felt a bug loss.
What an amazing nights sleep. One of the best places I have slept. It was great and we managed to creep away early enough to catch some tide the wind hasn’t given up on being in our face yet. Radioing in to ask to leave we were given a green light and a good luck from the harbour master.
There was a little pull from the tide as we left and looking across to Folkestone and Dungeness. There is a military range and we landed to phone them. It had taken us a while to get to there and we were worried about getting through the range on their lunch break. We were told it was ok to go through and we re launched in some snotty break and we’re escorted through by the ranges and we’re doing about 2 knots an hour. Not a speedy progress but good enough to get through. We hadn’t had lunch yet as we intended to make it to the range and eat so we started to look for somewhere to land. There Was one long concrete wall with rocks and steps every now and then. There was a slipway and it was a bit too rough at this one so we paddled on to the next.  It was a little calmer and between sets there was some calm so I went in.  Great landing and no big bumps. Phew. Katie had a little bit of an exciting landing but held her own fine.
We stripped of and hung out the wet stuff to dry. A dry windless warm place was found and it was time to eat.
We packed up our stuff and launched, much easier than the landing. The wind was still being a pain but was dying down a little later on.
There is a massive drying out bay so we were paddling in some relatively shallow water all the way to the headland.
We landed and had a bit of a struggle with the boats up the steep shingle beach. We placed the boats in a point and placed the boat in some shelter created by them. The wind was pretty strong and the bungie straps held the tent well.
Much to my dismay I found I had lost my spoon. I don’t know if anyone else gets attached to simple objects but I’m gutted, it had been with me on many of my adventures and I always kept it on my deck.  Old spoon, a toast to you and your new life. I don’t know what has happen to it but if someone has found you I’m sure their love will never compare to mine.


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