An amazing pizza today and taking England by storm in a 1066 reinactment wasn’t.
Now the wind is so flustrating we are so close but so far and don’t want to push it. A rough landing could break the boat or pushing too hard could result in an injury that could mess up our finale. Leaving Rye early enough to catch the last of the tide and avoid the river drying out and we were off.
We had every intention for a long day but our enemy the wind started throwing the toys out the pram. As we rounded the corner at Hook Ledge we found it again. The wind and struggled on a little to Hastings. The tide was low and would be turning soon. We landed and got the boats up to the high tide and decided to have a little snooze and some food. Looking out at the water we could see it wasn’t going to be on the water that afternoon. Katie went to explore and found the Commodore of the angling club. We were shown a shed in which we could sleep.
Katies parents turned up and took some of our kit we no longer needed and we met a lovely lady Rose and her dog Dorrathy she recommended a restaurant which was amazing. Thanks to her.


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