Wow what a suprise today gave. A fast paddle with a tail wind and tide plus an unexpected meeting wits Craig the owner of
We got up extra early and we’re on the water by 630. Exceptional early for team katie and lee but the tide was just right and we wanted to avoid the bad weather.
Wow. I was noticing the difference in the weight of my boat now. It was lovely. We paddled off straight across the bat to the west side of Eastbourne. Landing for a pee break and something to eat. A quick call from a friend and some snacks and we were back on the low road.
Beachy Head wasn’t that great but the lighthouse looked cool and there was some ropes leading to it. The seven sisters were misleading as there are eight of them. We paddled on and landed in Newhaven there was a slipway and we pulled the boats up and the sky erupted. I popped in to the surf shop and explained what was going on. Wow what a nice guy. We went to the harbour and sorted out the shower code then back to the surf shop. Craig the owner had said he would glass the back of my boat that was getting thin. Again what a dude. While I was sorting out the boat Katie had gone to the RNLI station. Wahey what luck we would have somewhere to stay and keep the boats. Double bonus. What a great day.


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