Rye harbour

The wind was definitely not our friend today. On a lighter note the weather was right up to the minute and we had an awesome meal brought to us by Katies parents.
We had a late start to the day as the range didn’t shut till after 430.
Well it was still windy and was nice to have a lie in even if it was baking in the tent.
I went for a little walk and ended up being a big walk to the shop for some needed supplies. It’s good to have some civilisation sometimes.
We watched some of the locals getting a boat non the water down the shingle. It was like a Chuckle Brothers outtake and almost painful to watch.
After we had lunch we got ready for on the water. This side of the Ness the water was calm but we knew it wasn’t going to be an easy one.
The tide was with us but we couldn’t feel it at all the wind was creating some awful chop as we passed the power station but we continued. Arriving 10 minutes early the range was still open and we had to tread water for a while. It was painful but we heard the all clear and we’re off.
Shiiiit this wasn’t going to be easy. The wind was right in our face and making a mess of the water with wind over tide. Occasionally there were breaking waved and I got drenched several times with waves breaking over my head. Low bracing with them all. This was getting ridiculous, the feeling of the home straight and we were nearly home was getting trashed with the wind and weather like a reminder that it isn’t over till I drop the lucky 10p back in Swanpool car park.
We kept on paddling almost waiting for the weather to ease. The beach was awful and a horrible looking landing all the way along.
There was a massive oh no suprise as a lifeboat RIB came our way. Oh no what was going on? Had Katies mum phoned and spoke to them? They came over and said they had spoke to someone’s mum and they were on a training exercise.  Phew at least they weren’t after us.
We paddled a bit further out as the waves were now breaking more frequently here.
As 7 o’clock appeared as if by meteorological magic the weather died down and we could paddle in some easy sea.
As we got closer to the river entrance and harbour we could see katies parents. Yay. As we landed there was the RNLI guys and one of the chiefs. We were welcomed into the station after they had had their debrief and ate a beautiful picnic.


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