Christchurch Highcliffe

We got up and at it early enough and had had a good sleep.
Today was one of the first days It was really hot. Hot enough not to wear a suit.
I made the mistake of wearing the dry suit in the beginning but it was soo hot and stopped on Hayling Island to change. We had worked it out and had the tide with us all day. The delights of the Solent and it’s system.
I radioed in to the coastguard and was given the all clear. We paddled across to Horse Sand Fort without much hassle from sailing boats and punched for it across to No Mans Land Fort. The forts look like upturned bowls.
The next line was towards the top of the Isle of Wight. There was loads of money on the water as people sailed around. We kept away from the ferries when we could but it’s so busy. There is also the hovercraft. We made good time none the less and paddled past Osborne house. I had done some work there years ago and could remember some of it.
Landing at West cows the tide was running and just a quick healthy lunch was had.
Back on the water we made really good progress while admiring the money boats sailing. 12nm in 2 hours. Good time. Rounding Hurst Point we pulled the boats up and had a small rest. Enjoying the sun and minimal wind. Then on till we found somewhere good to land. This was a blue moon and was a really nice night with a good place to land.
A small sandy beach with rocks for breakers. Giving us some shelter. The tent was up and sleep ensued.


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