East Wittering.

Leaving Shoreham early enough to get a long day in we paddled close to the coast. While paddling to the pier at Worthing i was supprised to see there was a man ressed in desert camoflage including boots walking a ferret. Well I thought I had seen enough in life but there are always suprises. That left me with a small face palm and a smile while we continued on towards Littlehampton. Dinner was a feast fruit, pittas with cheese dipped in olive oil and cheese stuffed peppers with nuts. We knew the next few days were going to be long hauls so best to stay on top and not run for too long on empty. When you start to feel hungry you are past the time you should of eaten. Too late so healthy eating is a must.
Littlehampton was packed and I was amused to watch the children playing tag. I must of looked authoritative as a small child kept talking to me. Lol. Me authorative.
So we left to paddle past Bognor. Nothing new there I decided to tuck in a Katie straight lined there was a miscommunication and the usual squabble ensued. We laughed later.
We landed at the lifeboat station near Selsey Bill and Pope to the loo and had a chat to the RNLI guys. Not at the same time obviously. They had a memo about us and we were welcomed in. A can of cola never felt so good. A printout of the Bill and a quick Google map search and we discovered a place to land.
Selsey Bill race was running against us at a few points but the dart like Taran cruises through with the little power the caffeine drink had given us. We could now see the Isle of Wight and we’re basically in the Solent. Wow this was another milestone. The sky was clear and paddling into the sunlight becomes a pain. We landed at East Wittering, pulling the boats up with the now regular method of one half boat carried half way then back to the other. Just so we don’t get too tired. The steep pebble beach is a pain, trying to walk up a steep beach with a heavy boat and your feel sliding back down is a massive ball ach.
With a quick scout around we found a half decent place to put the tent. It was in a small compound owned by Shore Watersport. Lucky for us.


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