The first 20 minutes were great but again like a frying pan to the face the wind. This mad e the day a nightmare as it was pretty important to have the tide right all day.
We stopped for breakfast and paddled across Poole Bay. The wind definitely not being friendly. There wasn’t really anywhere to tuck in as we paddled towards Harry and Handfast point. This is one of the most beautiful places to paddle. We hadn’t seen too many cliffs since scotland and this was a great change. The wind had put us hours back already and the tide here usual zips you along but not today. We landed near to Harry and had a quick bite and through the cave. The stack is amazing here and the strata layers in the chalk has some facinating faults. Across Swanage bay and through the bumpy water at Pevril Point .
Aghhhh time, luckly the water was calm enough and we could use the chicken run. The tide and wind were now going to be against us between Anvil Point and Saint Albans Head. It would of been good to of had the tide here as it’s a lovely place to admire the cliffs and checkout the climbs. I used to trad climb here.
We paddled past dancing ledge and I got chatting to a swimmer. Its always good to talk to random people. This lady is a wild swimmer. We shared details and I paddled off.
Making it round Saint Albans Head Chapman’s pool has a slipway and we landed there for a quick full meal and decide Kimmeridge would be the best place for the night. We paddled onwards feeling the strain from the wind and keeping off the ledges and the waves.
Kimmeridge is a beautiful place and I had been there quite a few times before. Although I don’t agree with the kayak launch fee it’s still a lovely part of Dorset.
There was a Play going on and I couldn’t get any phone reception. My father was doing his nut in as I couldn’t contact him about meeting the next day. I could hear him bug he couldn’t hear me. Although frustrating it was pretty funny to hear him curse the phone and swear a lot.
We had met some fellow kayakers that evening and we’re even given a can of ginger ale and some cake. Yay for cake.
The warden came down and let us stay the night. I was ready for confrontation but the fellow kayakers stopped it turning into an argument and the guy actualy was nice. He let us stay the night and wished us farewell.


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