West Bay.

We had a nice nights sleep. It’s actually dark at night. There was one or two fishermen walking around that night talking loudly but it was nothing on some of the places we had been.
Leaving early we were women to a nice tail wind. One of the first in a while that was of any speed.  There was minimal surf. In fact none what so ever which was good as there is some tines good sure here.
Leaving out past the nodding donkey and off along the coast. Past Woolbarrow bay and towards Lulworth Cove. I have walked this part of the coast and paddled and it was a shame I didn’t have time to show Katie some of the best bits.
We were making a line towards the south entrance to Portland harbour and as we got level with Ringstead we made more of an angle which pulled us towards the Bill. The tide here is great and just pulled us along and we landed with a bit of faf at the Bill.
Filled with fuel it was time to carry on. The tide was still our friend and we paddled on. Chesil Beach is a ball ache long boring and pebbly with steep steps and hard to land in the rough. Lucky for us the wind was right and was creating friend wave for us to plough on. The salty water had started to dry on our tops and poor katie was having difficulties as her top was rubbing and making every paddle stroke painful with the crusty salt. I didn’t have any ideas but my lucky safety Mars bar was pulled out and given as a last ditch effort to get to West Bay. My lucky safety Mars bar. I hope she appreciated it.
We passed Burton Bradstock where Barbara and Ian Hackforth had offered to put us up. I declined on the offer but thanked them anyway.
We were closer enough to West Bay and I turned on the phone. Messages from my father and his friend. Aghhhh. I tried to phone and was told they were there.
Ok, I did say I would phone when I was close enough but they decided to go early. I had also got a message from a long time friend Mike and I phoned him. He asked if I would like a chocolate waffle. Why? I couldn’t fathom it until I phoned him. He was actually in West Bay. Awesome. Mike was one of my phoning friends and we would chat once a week.
West Bay is a nightmare to land the slipway is in completely the wrong place and angle and makes an easy land/launch possible if the weather is wrong.  As we pulled in the harbour masters minion was there and there was a massive party going on with live music. Is this for us? The one day we decide to turn up and it’s West Bay day.
I was worried the harbour master was going to be a little mad. There have been rumours he can be an ass.
Luckly he was slightly intoxicated and happy enough.
Mikes lovely wife Vic met us and soon Mike followed. Mike had brought some limca, a drink from India that had a long standing joke attached to it. Thanks Mike. I phoned my father and he was in Lyme Regis, was he lost? A breakdown in comunication meant he already went to West Bay and thought we had gone further.  Everyone turned up and we had a little social. Barrie had brought some food for us to rummage through. After they left we were invited or kinda blagged our way into the harbour masters office for showers and use of the cooking facilities. It was a long old day and we didn’t get the tent up till after 1130. There was the hussle and bustle of activity of the bar and tent taking down. Not a pleasant sleep.


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