Lyme Regis.

Staying at people’s houses isn’t something I really enjoy but it was great and I’m very grateful. We were dropped off and retrieved our boats from the rowing club and got our things together and departed towards Lyme Regis.  It’s not that far and can be seen from West Bay. It wind is a complete ass and we decided to paddle to Lyme as it’s a good set up for Torquay. The coast here is nice but doesn’t have some of the rough or big cliff grandeur that I love. So it’s quite a simple paddle for us straight lining. I used to practice Greenland rolling in Lyme harbour when I lived close enough.
There is some old history for me here being a kid being brought here and also fossil shops by the load. 20 plus years ago i drove my car down into the harbour and drove about on the sand it was really different back then.
Entering the cob there was the usual formal lines of boats in the harbour and a really easy landing.  Lyme can be packed but the miserable weather was preventing that today.
The RNLI station was really helpful and showed us where to pitch the tent. There was a small area being the station.
My friend came to see us when katie and I were playing cards in the pub. Mat is also a tree surgeon and I sometimes work for him. He was meeting some friends and when I went to say goodbye Mats friends child dropped a knife on the floor. I put my hand up and said I’m telling in a sarcastic voice. Oops kids don’t know sarcasm and she started to cry. I shuffled out there.


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