Budleigh Salterton

Having had a blustery nights sleep behind the RNLI station we got onto the water after a little carry. The idea was to get town to Torquay today but hopes were dashed like a wave on a rock.
Wind, wind why this year? The windiest year for 20 years and we are only just over half way through the year not a good thing.
So the coast here is one of my favorites to walk and has some great features if you like walking.
Between Lyme and Seaton there is a great woodland walk with steep paths surrounded by woods. It’s lovely with the sea air. There are some amazing caravans on the cliffs and if you walk it a hole in the cliff you can scramble up to.
Onwards and we stopped at Sidmouth for a quick bite and on again. The wind. Ok your probably annoyed with me for mentioning it so much but as we made a break towards Budleigh Salterton .
The crossing cut out Le nice Ladram bay with its Devonshire red stacks and secluded beach but needs must. This was taking longer than presumed and just before we got to Budleigh we met another kayaker. Simon Vaucher who was going out to light a fire. Re recommended a place for us to land and we went to the beach. There was some surf but nothing too special.
We carried the boats up and went into town. Later I contacted Simon to tell him I was in town and he wanted to meet up with us. Cool.
We met and shared beers on the beach till late. Simon bike had broke down and I chatted a while while the services turned up. Nice guy.


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