Leaving Salcombe and paddling out around Bolt Head the rocks there are amazing and look so different paddling this way the jagged rocks look like gigantic arrow heads beautiful. I had been on the cliff before but from the water they look agressive and almost evil.
Leaving Bolt Tail behind we paddled straight to Hillsea Point across Bibury Bay. Again this is a part of the coast I’m going to explore. We landed on the Great Mew Stone and had a bit of lunch and a bit of a snooze. Katie was not amused at me as I threw pistachio shells at her while she tried to sprawl out.
Woopse we lounged around for a little bit too long but we were back on the water soon enough with a little bit of effort.
Across the Plymouth Sound there were sailing boats out and We made good time across the harbour entrance it wasn’t as busy as some of the others we had been past. The wind was now starting up so we made slower progress and we’re wondering if we would make it to Polperro.
Around Rame Head Whitsand Bay opened up and it became apparent it was going to be a long paddle there with the wind and change of tide. We landed late at Looe using the harbour light to get us in on line. There had been a shout from the RNLI and the rib had been sent out an elderly gentleman had been reported missing and the guys were out lamping and the coastguards were walking the town.
The RNLI station let us use the shower Yay last shower of the journey.
There was loads of pedestrian noise with drunken screams and shouts breaking my much needed sleep.
Ambitiously we set the alarm for 430.


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