We left against the tide but had it to its full effect past Start Point.
We strait lined our way towards Torquay across Babbacombe Bay and had lunch on the water at the Ore Stone.
Onwards to Berry Head the next piece of coast has a rugged rocky feel I’m definitely coming back here to explore as it’s not too far for me. The rocks around Outer Froward Point look like some serious boat breakers in rough waters.
Landing at Newfoundland Cove we met some guys out on kayak trips and had a spot to eat There was a fire and it was nice to warm a little.
Off and towards Start Point we didn’t hug the coast but kept in a little using the tide and avoiding the bumpy race. The water was moving us on at a good speed and pretty soon we were past Prawle Point lookin in towards Salcombe. My friend Stephen Fuller and I had paddled the other way last year and I knew of a relatively nice place to put up the tent. When I landed I got chatting to two guys. We were invited to use their shower. Well who are we to refuse. Showered and shaved it could be the last time before the finish so I was greatful. We had a chat with them and their kids after and signed autographs.
The tent was put up and off to sleep.


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