Swanpool the finish.

The 430 alarm was slightly too ambitious. As the drunken screaming from ladies shouting about peeing over her feet and another about a dead rabbit in the road with its guts out everywhere kept me and Katie awake a little too long.
We were on the water for 7 and made a quick exit onto the sea. We had minimal to eat and landed at Fowey to make up some wraps and eat. We were still having headwind and picked our way from Gribbin Head towards Chapel Point hoping to gain some lee out of the wind. Dodman Point Was looking plain and it had been a little worrying as this was going to be the last tide race.
As we rounded Dodman Point Katie was ecstatic to see Gull Rock and the smile and look in her eyes was good to see.
We paddled towards Porthscatho and tucked in from the wind. I tried to phone my father but no reception. Porthmellin Head and then there was St Anthony Head was there (also knows as Fraggle Rock).
As we rounded the headland there was some kayakers who had come to see us, the same who had seen us off all those days and miles ago. I wasn’t in much of a talkative mood i was caught offf guard and had explained to Katie not to bother to get anyone to meet us on the water as I just wanted to finish as quick as possible. I left her chatting as she is good at that and just ploughed on. It was a little dissapointing to land on my own and not have a final chat with Katie about the gains and developments to tell her how grateful I was for her help and loaning of money, her conversations and normal just things. To tell her how much she had developed her kayaking and expedition skills.
Well anyway I landed with painful feet as a pair of shoes I had found had started to rub and I was hurting a little from that. But it was nice to get out but sad, really sad, this would be the last time for a while i would be landing a boat. These feelings are something personal I and wanted to have a bit of time to myself. Almost like an after paddle meditation. I felt slightly embarrassed as there was mostly Katies friends and photographers there to greet her. I just wanted to pack up my stuff and dissappear. It felt like some people are more excited about us finishing than I was.
It didn’t seem like finishing or something massive or monumental. I guess it’s because of the bad weather and wind it felt like lots of little trips not massive distances covered in weeks.
Now I’m lost bored, annoyed, broke luckly I had been preparing for the finish and how it would feel how I would feel. Post paddle blues and all that.


One thought on “Swanpool the finish.

  1. Wel done both of you, enjoyed following your trip and was sorry to miss you when you passed me in Bexhill. All the best for your future adventures.


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